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Big Idea!


The Big Parade which produced community arts projects across America was an extremely rewarding venture. With the inaugural ‘Horses on Parade’ in RochesterThis venture allowed me to meet hundreds of artists, hundreds of wonderful not for profit organizations and thousands of people! The 2013 PGA of America Championship ‘Golf Balls on Parade’ was a great example of this venture and of a wonderful friendship with artist Philip Burke. This world renowned caricature artist painted on ‘dimpled golf balls’! What a feat! And what fun!


Jim Boeheim Golf Ball

Philip creating Jim Boeheim, Syracuse Basketball coach.

Ryan Miller, Buffalo Sabres

Ryan Miller, Buffalo Sabres
Rory McIroy, 2012 PGA Champion

Yep, Rory McIroy, 2012 PGA Champion!


Yes, that’s famous Jazz Drummer Jack Dejohnette! In person and his caricature in the golf ball! And yes that’s Marc Iacona, founder of Rochester International Jazz Fest, who bought the golf ball!

Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus! Jack & his wife Barbara were quite gracious to allow this caricature to be created. And with the offer I made of $5,000 to their Children’s Hospital Foundation, they were happy to have Philip do his magic! 

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