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Making a Difference

It has always been important to give back to the community you live in. I saw this throughout early growing up and have been committed ever since. Marvin Sands taught me in the early 1980’s how important it was to give your time, energy and ideas to organizations that you feel are important for the health & welfare of the community. (Actually more important than giving money!).

ROC Read - Howie Jacobson

RocRead was created with my friend Ty Kelly to answer the call from RCSD Superintendent Vargas. ‘We need to get our school children to read books. Can you help improve their reading?’ And we did! 

ROC Read

Red Wings ‘RocRead Night’!

ROC Read

Ty, Dr. Vargas & I kicking off the Christmas Holiday RocRead Book Program.


Over the years, I have hosted many events as Emcee and Auctioneer. I am proud to provide energy, humor and thoughtful reflections for crowds of all sizes. 

As a Board member, I do what it takes to help raise awareness and money! Here is just one example — Golisano Children’s Hospital Gala. This million dollar night began with my entrance ‘flying down from the 60 foot ceiling’! 


 I was asked by a local furniture retailer for a BIG idea to create awareness for their store. Here you go — Celebrate International Women's Day and the National Women’s Hall of Fame by engaging world renowned caricature artist Philip Burke to paint Susan B. Anthony! And paint Live in front of local Young Women’s Charter School.  They asked “Can you make that happen?”

A big big problem in the City of Rochester is residents not voting! This campaign, spearheaded by Ty Kelly & me, resulted in over 900 new registered voters! 

Live Music Wednesdays

Coronavirus stopped all Live Music at our favorite restaurants and bars. This was a solution. And a fun one!  

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